I’d like to think of social media as a tool to extend who I am as a person, as a highlight reel, or even a portfolio. I like to make videos of events I want to remember and post them, take pictures and compile them, write stuff and share them. Unintentionally however, who you are on social media can separate from who you are IRL.

Your Audience

People, your audience, create in their heads an illusion of who you are based on what you post. They piece together all the bits of the things you choose to share and sometimes, that can become a separate entity from the person your mother actually gave birth to. But who are we, really?

Your Image

Not to get too meta or existential, but becoming conscious of who we portray on social media is vital, if not already second-nature to us. It’s something we need to put an effort into and it’s not limited to just brands or businesses. Personal branding is a skill, image is everything.

Your Real Self

Becoming concerned about your social media presence is far from childish. As adults, it actually becomes crucial. Your employers, co-workers, potential clients, they’re all on social media. When they’re not, you can feel red flags going off—that’s shady nowadays, isn’t it?

We’re not going to tell you what to post on your social media accounts. That’s your business. What we’re trying to say is maybe we’re not as intentional as we should be when it comes to participating in social media. Wear your heart on your sleeve, they say. Well, we say you can wear it on social media, too. There’s a fine line between being open and over-sharing so it’s important to find equilibrium and gain that perfect balance.

Social media is one grand party; make sure you’re dressed for the night!