Now that we’re settled on matters regarding human connection as the language we speak in this virtual space—also that content is king—let us now take this discussion up a notch.

Your brand is a feeling—it’s an experience. The ideal situation is that while our customers are in our space, we want them to cultivate a certain kind of disposition. Hopefully it’s a disposition that’s pleasant enough to make them stay and come back for more.

How will they come back for more? It still goes back to the human connection.

Again, your content should not feel as if it’s you talking to a mob. At any given time, the dialogue is between you and only one person. The person, and the screen, in close conversation. What you might think as a conference is actually a coffee session with a best friend.

Now what would be the key characteristic to developing copy this way?

Alongside clarity and resonance, personality is key to developing any brand’s content. What makes your voice distinct is the how of it all. Your message matters, but also just as much as how you say it.

Now how do you develop your brand’s personality?

First and foremost, get your direction clear. Begin with the audience in mind. Who exactly are you talking to? A creative? A mother? A customer frustrated with your competition’s service? Picture who you’re talking to and the rest will come to completion smoothly. The more specific, the better. You need to build a rapport with your reader and that is first to know what interests them.

Next, write how you speak. A conversation that’s heavily technical, too formal, monotonous, is not a conversation – that’s a seminar. While your readers want to get schooled in some form, they don’t want it to feel as if they’re reading a paper in APA format. This is the lifeblood of the copy with personality. It’s where you can truly inject the feeling that your brand would like to inculcate in people. Avoid cliches, simply because they bring back the monotony you are desperately trying to steer clear of. Interest your readers with questions, anecdotes, stories, jokes! You call the shots.

Then evaluate. Take some time off and come back to your website. Would you enjoy reading your piece? Would you sign up for their email list? Did it elicit a laugh, a thought, a comment? If not, revise. Revise until it speaks to what you really want to say. But don’t get neurotic on it and publish!

Injecting personality to your brand shouldn’t be too hard. You just need to be refreshed as to what you really want to say and forget how complicated it should be, because it really shouldn’t be. Get clear, write how you speak, and evaluate!