Yes It's possible - Making Your Passion Your Work & Your Work Your Passion

It’s the day and age where “follow your passion” feels so attainable. And it is—but only if you have the courage to step forward. It’s true!

We are deep into the era of innovation where we make up new job titles. In fact, we’re doing unconventional jobs and getting huge paychecks for doing so. We live on our laptops and connect to the world through the Internet.

It really doesn’t take much to realize that yes, it’s possible to make your passion your work, and what you do for a living as your passion. Do you want to know what the biggest secret is?

Drumroll, please!


From here on out, phones are going to become smarter, a new coding language will come up and make everything that we know to be fast obsolete. There’s just no stopping this train of advancement. Now you’re left with no excuse why you’re not doing what you love and loving what you do because all the tools you’ll ever need are there at your disposal!

Forget about whatever it is you say is holding you back. Don’t use it as a crutch because it’s ultimately, the only thing that can hold yourself back can be found in the mirror—and it’s staring right back at you. So do yourself a favor and get out of your own way. Break out of your comfort zone. Because as cliché as this sounds, nothing’s impossible. If you’re creative enough, you will always find a way around your passions.

It’s not too early nor is it too late. Age only matters when you’re wine or cheese. As for the rest, we don’t think so. So think bigger, be ignited by the fire within you, and leave your cowardice behind. Set yourself up for success and come alive with what you do.

And for your sake, do it well.