We are Inundated by Media Every Day

Because we have easy access to everything, we are inundated with choices, with decisions, with whatever new trend is happening. It’s both empowering and exhausting at the same time.

In the age of virtual connections and realities, it’s hard to not feel like we’re talking to bots all the time. For example, even your favorite social media site—a site that supposedly connects you with people—asks for your email address and password and processes it so that you can have access to all these organized algorithms that have reduced you to an @identity, a handful of asterisks, and your friends into flat versions of memories.

It gets even more frustrating when another pop-up says you need this or you need that. Click here to change your life, hoping that you’re naive enough to fall through that trap. Everybody’s selling themselves—and it’s usually not just about money. Purchase pays, attention pays, engagement pays. People have become used to that.

The cliched paradox of losing connection in amplified connectivity rings true. The feeling of detachment is stronger than ever. That is why people look for what they can relate. That is why personalized content matters.

Mass Media is No Longer Enough

Your story, your values, your efforts to connect holds more higher value than the act of mass broadcasting into the ether. The overwhelming feeling of connection is real. The solution: become even more human in the seemingly inhuman space we call the Internet. Putting effort into finding out who your customers are and what they do allows you to talk to them better and make the virtual space we adore friendlier.

shared humanityThis is why personalization is so important. Knowing your customer on a personal level narrows your focus to clearly articulate your message. Your customer will even feel more engaged because of the sense of connection you kindly offer.

People easily tap away, scroll and ignore so fast you need to make your case in 3 seconds or less. We hate listening to speeches which are obviously memorized. We loathe it when something blatantly scripted tries to pass off as spontaneous. How can we not hate content that’s so general and so common you know that not much heart is there?

So Let’s Be Human

Making an effort to personify your brand and content turns customers into advocates. Sometimes it even turns them into life-long friends. After all, isn’t every good business based on a good relationship?

Personalized content ensures a humanity in a space run by codes and algorithms. It allows a healthy sense of engagement and a deeper connection.

Not caring about whether or not your content is clear or resonates with your audience is an effort wasted. Aren’t you fed up with feeling like you’re talking to a digital wall all the time? Personalized content requires a certain boldness because any human relationship requires commitment.

You must have the courage to talk, to join the conversation, to—above all—be human! That is because it is shared humanity that communicates real value.