News flash: There is a right way and a wrong way to go about social media. Just as it is with any tool around the house, you can use something effectively and ineffectively. You see, signing up for an account in a social media platform isn’t all it takes to actually do social media.

We’ll Say it Again & Again & Again—Engage, Engage, Engage

We’ve said it enough times that it might’ve actually numbed your ears by this point but as they say, repetition is the mother of learning—and we’re gonna keep pounding this issue ‘til it finally hits home. Really, if you’ve been staying with us long enough you’ll know what it is–drum roll, please—engage your audience!

Surprise, surprise! Quality engagement is what will draw you close to your people.

Say it Again, Sam. Say it for Social Media’s Sake

Okay, you’ve got something to say. But when you do say it, just make sure that it has value and you’re one step closer to gaining influence. It’s about the action, not always about the content—although we can swear by the fact that they work hand in hand. Now, you just have to make sure that you make it known to others.

Why isn’t anyone following you on social media? It’s probably because there’s no one you’ve started talking to. It’s actually painfully obvious, but the fact that it’s so simple makes it so much easier to miss. Just imagine being in a party—and a huge one at that. You’ll feel out of place unless you start talking to one person.

To be influential, you must start with at least one individual ready to listen to what you’ve got to say. You really never know just how far one ‘hi’ can take you. But of course, you must also make sure that what you’re putting out is worth sharing.

Social media is a tool that can magnify your reach. Make sure you’re doing it right and your reach can stretch far and wide.