We love tea, and tea is meant to be shared with friends.

To give a more detailed explanation on why we’re throwing a tea party, we need to give some history. When Boldkick first started out, we wanted to highlight that social media requires skill. To provide a metaphor, we settled on “kung fu,” which means “skilled” in Chinese. When English speakers think of kung fu, their imaginations immediately move to martial arts.

Admittedly, we focused on building a few stories that involved martial arts. However, after awhile, the martial arts stories ran their course.

Enter tea. Our family loves tea. We have over 20 varietals of tea at home, most of it premium whole leaf. We even use full gong fu tea sets for brewing.

Speaking of gong fu tea sets, do you know that the term “gong fu” is exactly the same as “kung fu”? This is because great tea, like great social media, requires skill.

And so what better time to talk about honing your social media skill than over some amazing teas brewed by the tea masters at Silver Crescent Tea?

If this event is on Wednesday, May 24 at 7PM. Admission is $12. Space is limited to 12 people, so if you want to get in, book your spot on Facebook.