Tailored content is now a path to self-mastery, says TIME magazine. Just kidding! TIME didn’t say that but I wish they did.

From Social Decisions

The little cookie crumbs you leave on the trail of the Internet are fast becoming tools for deep introspection and self-actualization. It’s telling us more about ourselves than we may actually realize!

Here’s one personal example: I’m a 20 something torn between which career path (whatever that is) to take and as a multi-passion person, the truth is I’m overwhelmed. As advised by virtual mentors, this is the time to allow myself to play around with what I want. Luckily, Facebook ads know me better and present clearer suggestions than my equally lost friends would.

To Social Reflections

For the past few weeks, I have purchased my own sewing machine to revisit my quick affair with fashion design, gotten more involved with writing and personal blogging, and pored over dozens of interesting books. This is all because I’ve done enough existential Google searches and lounged long enough on Facebook. See, Facebook works around the law of attraction–what you entertain more has a way of growing exponentially.

So if you’re seeing more opinionated, political posts on your feed, it’s highly likely that you engage with the type. Your feed not only says a lot to you; it also says a lot about you. Make sure it’s saying nice things. We still go back to our mantra that social media is an intention. Whether that means using it for your intention or being intentional about what you do in social media, they’re both very crucial.

So the next time you check your feed, which is probably in the next five minutes, just observe what your feed looks like, who shows up, what shows up, and ultimately–what that says about you.