As we grow up, we slowly come to terms with who our parents really are.

The superhero cloak is slowly lifted and we see their imperfections. But still, the moments that they were our superheroes, when we thought they could move the world—they never really leave our memories. They still are our first friends, our first mentors, our first heroes.

Caroline, our graphic designer, has one special memento from her dad—something she carries into her adult life. Caroline keeps with her a teddy bear given by her dad when she was born. To this day can’t sleep without it. It’s something that reminds her of her parent’s love even when she’s farther than a phone call away from him.

Our parents are the first people who believed in us and the magic that we could create. They were the first people to know that we are destined for something great. And if that kind of love we can be carried through a memento, then why not?