It takes a certain amount of self-awareness to tune in to your superpower. It takes a certain kind of courage and vulnerability to assess both the bad and the good. If you get the chance to tap into that, it opens doors to a lot of splendid things.

Here at Boldkick, we pride ourselves on social media kung fu—a certain set of strategies which allows us to hit a target right where we want it. Whether it’s more presence, engagement, or quality content, we try to move according to the situation and assess the right moves that can give you the win.

Of course, a team can’t make that happen without having individuals who are in-tuned to their own brand of kung fu, too. We are pleased to share with you what we think our personal kung fu is and how that comes together to form the magic of Boldkick.

A little shoutout to our clients, because what Chris, our CEO, deems his kung fu is his work ethic. None of this would be possible without his laser sharp focus, smooth efficiency, and analysis. Especially with an industry like social media and marketing, you will definitely need a lot of that to ensure success.

But this bleeds through outside of work, doesn’t it? Focus allows us to take notice of the things that matter and that involves a lot of courage to filter any distractions. Efficiency allows us to streamline our efforts into a maximum outcome – whether it is to fulfill our personal goals and dreams. Lastly, analysis reminds us that we’re not in this alone and that there is a whole audience who hears our message. Analysis keeps us on the right track and stands guard for any avoidable crises.

We pride ourselves in our own personal kung fu. This reminds us of what we do best, our great contribution to the piggy bank of life. What’s yours?