Gosh, things are moving way too fast for us here at Boldkick. That said, we found ourselves with way too much work and not enough time for all these responsibilities.

We’re here to announce that we are hiring for a typist. Please send your resumes over to jobs@boldkick.com and attach your portfolio or any work you’ve done in the past.

Title: Typist

Position type: Part-time

Job Function: Communication

Job Description: The typist will be responsible for typing out marketing collateral for the company and its clients. We are looking for someone immediately who is willing to work at least 4 hours in a day. We work with a lot of creatives and businesses. This will be a great opportunity to explore the role of typists in the said fields.

We’ve been finding ourselves with a lot of need for someone who operates a typewriter very well. We will be choosing one who works well with a team, passionate about the job, experience is a plus but not necessary! Let us know how long you’ve worked in the typing business in your email.

Of course, we’re not looking for individuals to simply finish the job but one who will enjoy working with us as well. Tell us about your passions, hobbies, or anything we’d have to know about you as a person. Don’t be shy. We are asking for a write up about this, at a length you feel most comfortable in along with your portfolio.

We are looking forward to working with you.