A distinction we pride ourselves in as a social media service is that we don’t focus on the numbers as much as we focus on the quality of engagement we foster within a community. We delight in meaning above all and that is our kung fu.

We go out of our way to always beam with authenticity. Sheldon, our Director for Sales and Marketing, thinks that “being real is a breath of fresh air for people, it puts them at ease, and it’s less exhausting to be the real you. When you are being real it lets your positive qualities shine, and it builds the bond between you and the client—makes it a real relationship and takes the bullshit out.”

Somehow in being authentic, you can’t help but show who you truly truly truly are – like most songs would advise. It’s handy in all aspects of life – even business. Being transparent allows both parties to understand all sides resulting on a better deal and a stronger rapport.

Most importantly, with authenticity comes passion and heart. I think anyone who dares dive head first into a creative field, or any business, fosters a strong fire driven by a strong heart.