We’ve got the case of major feels recently. Not just us here at Boldkick—like literally all of us on the Internet. It’s like one day we decided to share our feelings and we wanted the same thing from other people. Must be the dawn of the social networking sites—not maybe. We’re positive it is.

Now that we’re more connected than ever before (let’s leave the paradoxical effect of it in some cases for another time), we want emotions and authenticity and vulnerability. And it’s not especially hard. The consumers want the real thing, and we’re sure to give it to them.

Emotional appeal—worked on TV, print, and radio then, it should work on the Internet now. Especially on the Internet now. The way that these social networks are engineered, we need to find the impact on emotions now more than ever.

To create an impact on the human side is to create an impact on the emotions – every fundamental one (of course not all in one go). What urges people to share content on the Internet is if they were compelled by any of the fundamental emotions: happiness, anger, fear, disgust, sadness, and surprise. These emotions, once experienced by a person, pushes them to give attention to it. So with the overload of information and brands wanting a consumer’s attention, you gotta move with the emotions, man.

Meh—that won’t do anything. Meh makes people forget. Meh gives you 3 seconds before a consumer taps the x mark. Meh doesn’t amount to anything.

Put the motion in emotion and it will pay off one way or another.