“I need to get away from something (I don’t know what) and I remember that I can fly. I make a run for it and take off, but it takes so much energy to make myself go. I find myself exhausted – and find that I haven’t made it very far.”
-Sheldon Pearce, Boldkick’s Director of Sales an Marketing

Dreams can come true. However, nightmares are dreams too. As we take in the good, we also take in the bad. As we run through life with our high hopes, we get discouraged by the things that don’t turn out right—that becomes this bottomless nothing.

In our efforts to soar, we take in the chance of falling and as we go along, we find out that it is all simply part of the process. We know success because we know what failure is.

So what do we do with the things that haunt us? It’s really all a matter of perspective, really. As the saying goes, whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re probably right.

We can allow our shortcomings to take hold of our will and believe the lie that we fabricate within our heads. Or we can choose to use it for our victories, to allow these nightmares to shape us for the better, to allow ourselves to experience them to make the victories sweeter. We can never fully appreciate our dreams without nightmares.