I’ve surveyed around the internet, looking for how others classify the types of social media users online. Some say there’s 12, 6, or 4. Well we can come up with 8. We’re all different when it comes to social media, and here’s my take on it. Which type of social media user are you?

  1. News organizations
    • No, they’re not actual news organizations, but they behave like one. These are the users who are always in the know of the latest trends, shares the latest and greatest of anything and everything. They’ll be on it before it even gets “viral”, whatever that means.
  2. Lurkers
    • Most of the population is guilty for being the ‘lurkers’ on social media. If you think the likers and the commenters are the only ones who’ve seen your post, think again. There’s a huge population who’ve consumed your content without even reacting to it. But they’ve seen it, oh I assure that they have seen it.
  3. Addicts
    • To say that they’re social media addicts might be a little intense but there are social media users who are on social media almost 24/7 (because who knows how much sleep they actually get). The instant updates are very gratifying so no one can really blame them.
  4. Ranters/Haters/Trolls
    • Then you’ve got the social media users who have the habit of spreading negativity. I don’t personally subscribe to this type of energy but sometimes we can’t help it. There will always be people who use social media with the intention to offend or invalidate someone.
  5. All eyes on me
    • These are the social media users who are all about the likes, the retweets, and the shares. You might see a post of theirs crawl on your news feed at 11 am, but sensing they haven’t reached the expected amount of likes, you see the same post reposted on your feed at 4 pm. They know the rules of the game and they play by it.
  6. For the sake of presence
    • I’m not sure this type can even be considered as a user. These users have their account set up but rarely, very rarely update them or make use of them at all. Their display pictures are almost always lightyears ago and their last post could very well be in 2009 and you wouldn’t even be shocked.
  7. Shady
    • Ever come across a drama script on your feed yet the author won’t even share who he or she is talking about? If that’s you, you’re giving major shade – and you’re not alone! This type of social media user somehow tries to strike the balance between being social and being responsible at the same time. However, they never get the recipe right.
  8. Transformers
    • Studies have shown that we take a different personality given different contexts but these types of social media users take it on another level. This is even more mind-boggling for people you know personally. You’ve met them, hung out with them, sized them up character-wise and you know they’re far from the person they project on social media. It somehow is like booze to a party. Well, there’s really nothing we can do about that.

Social media platforms are as diverse and unpredictable as a jungle. It’s important to know which plants could kill you, and which animals to run away from. You know, to stay alive. This list wasn’t meant to offend anyone and we’d love to hear more of the social media user types you can give!