Timing is Everything

In business and life in general, there is one variable that could potentially fuel or mess up even the best laid plans: timing.

Too Soon, Too Late?

Harvesting plans before they fully ripen leads to a sour outcome. Harvest them too late and there’ll be almost nothing to reap.

Pushing one idea before the rest of the world is ready may seem to be the works of a visionary, but it’s not necessarily the move that catapults one to success. While on the other hand, merely pushing ideas when the rest of the world has already been doing it seems like just riding the tide.

When the Iron’s Hot, Strike!

When you really think about it, timing isn’t a very easy thing to master. Take for instance the dot-com bubble. Everyone was transferring to the internet. Everyone was turning their regular businesses into e-commerce sites, making sure that they had a presence online.

The first ones to ride the proverbial wave took the most common domains, thus gaining the most traction. The next in line might have gotten the next best thing, and those who came a tad bit late to the party really just had to deal with the scraps and rely greatly on differentiation.

Timing, it’s E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

The first social media influencers had the best time under the spotlight. They built an online presence, and made a ton of money out of it—an idea which was incomprehensible for most!

The following wave of social media influencers were second-tier, they had to rely still on a lot of differentiation to set themselves apart, and the rest? The rest simply had to work extra hard to gain significant attention assuming they didn’t want to be regarded as mere poseurs.

No matter how intricately you plan your success, you gotta wait out for your chance. You just have to paddle on.

And when you see your wave, you better catch it and ride it fast.

Because timing, my friend, is everything.