The ``Why`` of Your Business

Personal development coaches, self-help books, your shrink, or even your mother all know that the secret to an on-point strategy is knowing and understanding your why. Motivational gurus and life coaches would look to your whys to remedy instances when procrastination, under-motivation, or even a lack of purpose come bubbling up to the surface.

Knowing & Understanding Your Why

In the field of business success, it most definitely plays a huge role. Knowing the why of your business not only catapults your branding and differentiation strategy, but it also gives you much-needed motivation when things get a little rough.

Take TOMS, the shoe brand for example. Its founder, Chief Shoe Giver Blake Mycoskie, has defined his why. Each pair bought from the store equals to a pair of shoe given to a kid in need. That’s social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and a good business model all in one. It’s all about giving back, and filling in where others have none. Knowing one’s motivation behind one’s action not only gives the action fuel, but also a whole load of clarity.

And when you have clarity, the path before you becomes a much smoother one.

Embracing & Acting Upon Your Why

Did you know how luxury cars Lamborghini and Ferrari started? The two Italian super brands undoubtedly are one of the most trusted and sought-after luxury cars in the world. This rivalry began with a simple clash of egos. Then the leading brand for luxury cars, Enzo Ferrari was a prominent name. Taking an interest in mechanics himself, Ferruccio Lamborghini had purchased his very own Ferrari and noticed a few improvements that could be done. Taking all this information to Enzo Ferrari with the best intentions, Enzo declined all of them out of ego. Later on, Ferruccio took it to his own hands to build what is now Ferrari’s rival brand – Lamborghini.

Our whys determine our drive for success, they fuel our cause and they inevitably set us up for the consequences.

What’s your why?