The ``Who`` of Your Business

What makes a successful company are the people behind it.

Behind the illusion of one solid entity are individual beliefs and motivations. Inevitably, some stand out more than others. Behind one of the most well-known brands are individuals that embody such spirit. They serve as motivation to those working under them, and those interested to work for them.

Mark Zuckerberg. Steve Jobs. Jack Ma. These are but a few names that have been immortalized because of the brands they represent.

Striking Figures

Sometimes it’s not just the nature of your business nor the circumstances that surround it that makes it successful. Most of the time, it’s a name—and all that it stands for—that glue together individual pieces and drive them to a common goal. Maybe it’s because of some level of charisma, privilege, or even an undeniable x-factor.

These circumstances vary, but it is altogether what a certain person symbolizes that proves it effective in the end.

Inspiring Visions

We turn to our leaders to inspire confidence in us and make us believe that we can handle practically anything. We look to their vision to drive us forward. It’s the inherent magnetism that these people have that influences us to lead better lives. Everyone has a hero, a role model to look to for motivation. I have them. You have them.

And while you may not even be aware of it, chances are you’re also someone else’s role model—inspiring other people’s choices and decisions in one form or another.

It’s the dynamics of these individuals with the people around them that determines success.