The ``Where`` of Your Business

The steady 9-5 office job is old news.

We have taken the conventional work hours and dissected it to extract the key components. Freelancing and virtual employment has become common. And are we complaining?

Not at all!

To Work Here, There, and Everywhere

We all dream of working by the beach, sipping piña coladas, while the waves fuel our flow. That is a choice one can easily make these days. In fact, hundreds of options await those who choose that lifestyle.

Nowadays, the where of your business doesn’t really matter—at least not as much as it used to. It enables us further to enjoy the fruits of our hard work without compromising the quality of our output. It’s like we’re living the best of both worlds. The key to maintaining this type of lifestyle is simply automating a few things and setting up a system that requires zero to little maintenance.

To Loosen Up and Let the Good Times Flow

Setting up a good base will ensure that no matter how things pile up, it will hold firm. We have clung to the concept of an office because we are so afraid of losing control, fearing that things will blow out of proportion when not micromanaged and watched over closely. The past few years would argue. Allowing yourself to receive and give a certain level of freedom and independence reaps more success than if you observe it under a microscope and wait for things to fall apart.

Loosening our grip and allowing some things to flow as they should can sometimes be a little terrifying, but it sure leaves space for good surprises to come through.