In this age when connection is currency and content is the name of the game, you have to go the extra mile to hook your audience and keep them interested. Fooling people with gold and shiny wrapping doesn’t work—your audience wants the gift, your gift. That is why to gain your audience’s valuable attention, you need to give value yourself.

Value can come in different shapes and sizes. It all depends on what type of message you want to send out, or the type of identity you want to cultivate.

You can inspire people, build stories around progress and change, converse with idols and talk about their journey on the way up. Talk about the perils, the joys, the sacrifices.

You can inform people. Tell them facts and stories about the things they’re interested in. Let them know about the news in their industry, the latest in their line of work, little hacks they can do in order to leverage what they already have.

You can entertain people. Make them feel better whether by making them forget about the hard stuff, or assuring them that it won’t last for long. Become their platform of comfort and knowledge.

You can connect people. Become a platform for individuals with the same interest to converse and share ideas. Allow them space to bloom in their fields and share their journey with others.

Or you can be all of it. You can inspire, inform, entertain, and connect. Be a great gift to everyone who ever gets the chance to land on your site. Make them feel the value of giving value.