When we talk about marketing or reaching out to a vast amount of people in a digital space, we don’t only consider what we want to say in terms of words, but also the aesthetic appeal of how we say it.

Our design, template, and over-all organization are very crucial elements in our digital presence. Now we’re not here to tell you that blue implies sadness or professionalism, because color interpretation is different for everyone but maybe share with you a few facts about the psychology of colors.

It’s not so much as the color, but how you station them.

Obviously, you can’t keep your site at a black and white palette – although if your peg is minimalist or vintage then we’d have to reconsider. But an element to consider is how the colors in your site (or whichever branding platform you choose) complements or contrasts each other. Meaning, it’s not so much as what color you choose for your call-to-action button, but how that button contrasts to all the other elements in your site thus making your audience more likely to click on it.

What about fun colors?

The colors that most people process as fun, are also the same colors that they process as cheap. So be careful about high-end products which you regard as happy. But finding the right balance shouldn’t be too hard.

  • Fun: Orange was the top choice (28%), followed closely by yellow (26%) and then purple (17%)
  • Cheapness: Orange came first (26%), followed by yellow (22%) and brown (13%)

At the end of it all, it’s all about the perfect balance and maybe a few trial and error. Get a feel on your audience and how it works with your aesthetic and you just might find the perfect formula.