Creative beings live for inspiration. Inspiration breathes life into our souls, created from the very depths of our existence. The word “inspire” came first from the Old French inspiracion meaning to breathe in, inhale. From Latin, spirare means to breathe. Inspire is to breathe into spirit.

What we take into our work is inspiration—our spirit. We value the spirit we bring into our craft everyday and we want it to be as exciting as possible. What we exude is our spirit, and our spirit can be a lot of things.

Particularly, we like our spirit to be light-hearted and fun-loving. We believe our team at Boldkick is this collage of strongly independent pieces which makes it a solid foundation for the work that we put out. I personally treasure individualism as a classic Type 4. I want to be able to point out a certain characteristic that makes a work of art very genuine, personal, and special—whatever that entails. That’s our kung fu.

For our graphic designer Caroline, humor is part of her spirit. She shares, “Life is hard, but humor makes it easier to bear. I try to do something that makes me genuinely laugh everyday. It keeps my soul happy, and my heart young.”

Don’t you enjoy consuming something so soulful because it exudes so much genuine spirit in it that it leaves you energized? I believe that in sharing spirit, you become an asset to others. It’s in embracing your quirks and embracing your spirit, you add to the bigger picture, the art of life.