In content marketing, what we’re after is engagement. The clearer the message, the better. The more resonant, the more captivating. The more straightforward, the smoother the message flows from medium to receiver.

In other words, consumer’s attention. One good way to do that is through humor. Let’s talk about the role of humor in luring your audience into loyalty.

We are on our phones for three main reasons: communication, duty, and escape.

We look to our screens to reach out to someone, to get a task done, or to spend some down time and stop thinking. That’s why articles and videos are so stimulating on our news feeds because they take us into a different world where things are taken lightly.

Now when the audience reads our content, they’re looking to be entertained. They have enough on their email inbox for things they have to read through and digest. The rest of the stuff they click open is because they can sit back for a while and chill.

That’s a great place for humor to come in. Humor in your content is sure to captivate an audience. It takes away the illusion of rigidness and highbrow vibe. Humor is an automatic high five! It signals that everything is cool here and you won’t have to put yourself through anything stressful.

Humor gets your message across. It injects a lot of realism because with humor, you are allowed to mess up! You can mess up, make yourself the butt of the jokes, and laugh about it. Your brand becomes even more approachable with humor because you’re no teacher lecturing an unlearned individual, you’re long-time buddies catching up with a bottle of beer by the bar.

Humor builds your brand’s personality. Humor is a good characteristic to tie your brand with. It’s a genius recall vessel. Humor can serve as a distinction between your competition because even if they can have everything that you have, you appeal to customers better because you’re funnier!

You don’t have to throw jokes from start to finish in order to reap the rewards of humor. You only need an awareness that on top of everything, you wish to make your readers feel good about what you bring them, and if that makes their day better—hurray! We gravitate to what feels good so do exactly that.

Of course, remember to keep everything in moderation. You also need to be aware of the demographic you’re dealing with in order to produce the best results. Begin with the reader in mind, make your case, and feel free to clown around!