Tech is getting more advanced by the day—scratch that, by the minute. It’s both an alarming and a proud moment. We’ve come so far as a species. The concepts we used to whip out at sci-fi films are slowly becoming true, and we’re all excited for the future. But how do you think the future would turn out to be?

We get impatient with our parents when they can’t get around to learning how smartphones, tablets, and laptops work sometimes. They can’t locate where the front camera is, they’re doing selfies all wrong. Heck they even have a hard time setting up their e-mail account. It’s not their fault, though. Their life was so much different than hours. We thrived at different eras and we shouldn’t be too hard on them about it.

Imagine what we would be like when we become the “old ones” of the society. How advanced will future kids be? Would they be coding non-stop because that’s the new norm and no longer contained to a specific set of people who study, breathe, and code for a living?

Would they be making their own systems to make their own lives easier and we’d be left helpless because well, we weren’t really raised that way.

Would coding, web design, and graphic design be as common as cooking or driving? It’s exhilarating and nerve-racking at the same time.

But either way, progress is progress and we’ll just have to find our way around the changing times.