We’re all thankful for Google Analytics, aren’t we? They say we cannot understand what we can’t measure and this magnificent tool allows us to understand who we’re talking to and allows us to improve our strategies. It’s a platform with which we can measure how large of a group we’re talking to, it gives us an idea of what their demographics are, and shows us where we can improve. Its metrics are spot-on and helpful. We have a glimpse of who we’re engaging with in our websites. However, there is one metric that Google Analytics does not measure well.

Engagement through conversation

One thing that websites don’t reflect well is the many ways with which we can talk to the people you’re trying to reach out to. Conversation is what keeps people engaged. Conversation is the factor that says “hey, i’m listening and i’d like to impart in this dialogue.” Sadly, however neat and responsive your website design is, true engagement is measured by the people we talk to. If we are for impact, aesthetic appeal and the strength of impressions through content might not cut it.

The powerful role of social media

This is where social media comes in. Let’s face it, a website is not enough. Sure, it becomes a platform to showcase your message, say what you have to say – but it does not offer a large room for interaction as social media does. Websites are static, as social media is dynamic.

Branding and social media

Your brand speaks. It is not limited to your logo, your slogan, your vision-mission, or your color palette. Your brand is how you make people feel toward it. While writing and getting your message across counts, that model is kind of outdated. We are no longer in the era of only broadcasting and leaving it to the gods. We live in an accountable era where every word we say could solicit a reaction from anyone in the world.

Websites and social media

Your websites are powerful. Upgrade your social media management and that makes it even more powerful. Your website’s content strategy paired with your social media strategy is a force to be reckoned with. Make sure you’re reaching out to the people you want and build a rapport with them – something that websites cannot do so well.

While Google Analytics can track your pageviews, analyze your new visitors and returning ones, measure how long they stay on a page, it cannot measure the impact that you have caused to your customers and readers. So go talk to them. Go talk to them in Facebook, tweet them on Twitter, or send them a snap! Humanize your brand and engage with them in the most human way possible this digital space would allow.