In the age of social connectivity, what makes a brand powerful is its ability to find and cultivate a community. Nowadays, the power of a message is beyond anyone’s comprehension. It can go from one person to another, building a strong connection in between individuals.

From the perspective of an audience, a community—or a tribe—is a subconscious need. Everyone wants to feel like they belong. Nay, everyone wants to feel at home. They want to find the niche where they can fully thrive, with people who are in the same pursuit. What we crave is the feeling of support.

We are all blessed now by online everything. If you just joined a yoga or meditation class and you want to improve your practice, there are loads of people online with the same cause! Poses, music, meditation techniques, even meal plans! People look for the same voice that resonates with them and their passions.

People who frequent the gym look for YouTube videos from their favorite vloggers to motivate them on days when laziness overrules purpose. Entrepreneurs look to their favorite marketers to get a sniff on the latest growth hacks.

To be a brand that cultivates a community is not only wise but also applaudable. Creating something bigger than a product ensures a loyalty and a sense of home among your audience. It makes what you do, all your efforts and vision, have an even deeper meaning than you intended.

The possibilities that can happen within a community is magic.