We’ve already covered the notion that in order to create content that a reader would stick through to the end, consume, and make it known to others, one should appeal to the emotions of human beings. But as it turns out, there are a lot more ways to attract, engage, and persuade your audience.

These strategies come in different names, but essentially, it boils down to a human being’s 3 primal proclivities: to react, the need to put 2 and 2 together, and the itch for something new. So how can you incorporate these proclivities into your content in order to trigger your audience’s natural instinct to be compelled? We’ve gathered three significant points.

Synaptic play is a word that refers to triggering your brain synapses that fires up creative joy such as in viral videos. Babies dancing, cats talking, crazy mob projects, etc. The suggestion is to incorporate viral videos into your brand. Indulging your audience’s brains into a feast of creative overload sure will create awe or joy (which are the top emotions for compelling content, too!) It might not make sense in the beginning, but fret not because this strategy leverages the next instinct.

In a TED talk, film maker Andrew Stanton shares that a great story isn’t one where you narrate every detail down but rather leaving room for your audience to put 2 and 2 together. Some marketers call it the information gap. Playing on the information gap means giving enough information to create a story that makes sense but not too much that it pieces itself together. These moments are like when you’re reading and you put down the book because one scene put everything together without the author narrating its implications – because that would be a total buzzkill.

The last concept resonates to our brain having the characteristics to that of a monkey which means feeling the need to go tree after tree, always on the lookout for the better one. We all want to see something new and fresh all the time. Clothes go on and off season, gadgets will always have upgrades, thus content also should strive to be innovative and novel. A different take on a trite topic, or a spin on a concept no one’s ever thought of before should get you more attention and following.

So what makes content compelling? Aside from strong emotions you need to infuse in your content, it should contain a decent amount of curiosity, novelty, and energy.

Thing is, publishing content is easy and instantaneous that almost anyone can do it. It’s a noisy world out there and your message needs to stand out, subtly or otherwise. We know, we know. We want to gain traction and attention and everything that leads to sales. But at the end of the day, people hate being sold to. Everyone ignores the pushy business man who shoves flyers your way. Have a little fun and stay true to your voice! Sincerity and a genuine message is still the most compelling vibe of all.