Every couple of months or weeks – depending on my brain’s creative drive, I feel the urge to update my social media profiles. Much like spring cleaning – only more frequent.

That would mean changing my profile and cover photo on Facebook, decluttering my feed on Instagram, changing my wallpaper and theme colors on Twitter, and always always refreshing the bio corner of any and all profiles. I like to keep it fresh.

Let’s face it, the platform space on social media is as peaceful as a marketplace.

You’ve got your entrepreneur dudes with candid headshots at a speaking event as their profile pictures. They may or may not have their new book as their cover photo, and they almost always look sharp in their tux.

You’ve got your cool moms who pin healthy meals for the whole family, and a gazillion ways to make use of apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and baking soda.

You’ve got your creatives with minimal, sophisticated aesthetics, theme colors that you didn’t know looked good together, and a bio that says so little physically but are so profound you take an extra second to digest it all.

Really, there’s plenty more. And I don’t mean to offend anyone by this. No one is being (stereo)typical, it’s just personal branding! We’ve created some rules we adhere to in order to create an image we would like our audience to bring with them outside the virtual space. It’s alchemy at a certain extent.

Branding used to be only for companies. It used to be limited for services which want our attention. But at this day and age, everyone wants attention. Whether you’re a business or not is irrelevant. We concern ourselves with how people would feel when they come to our profile, what vibe do we give with that quote from Walt Whitman, what aesthetic is best for your personality, the works.

As a Leo, I am naturally drawn to wanting attention thus I take personal branding seriously. I look at the blinking cursor of my bio page with fire and fervor. I revisit screenshots of quotes I find captivating, a snippet of my recent writing, or a witty way of communicating how I feel.

I find it fascinating the way a few characters can project a person’s character. As an avenue of limitless connections, personal branding on social media is powerful. It has the ability to attract people of the same interests, and build a stronger network for your own personal work. A stronger personal brand has a lot of advantages. It builds you a more trustworthy image by showing consistency and if you happen to be someone who offers a service, that’s a plus!

All in all, our personal branding is an extension of ourselves, spilling on the virtual space that almost all of us inhabit. It’s a projection of who we are, and who aspire to be. It’s a reflection of our values, priorities, visions, and passions for all the world to see. This is where we are now, and it can only get better.