Growing up, I overheard the following quote: “what lies between where you are and where you want to be is your comfort zone”, or fear, or taking a risk—something along the lines of a state which keeps you inhibited and unchanging.

The thing I want to point out is, perhaps we’ve demonized the comfort zone too much. We talk about it like it’s the worst thing on earth, akin to hell. But let’s turn down the motivational coach in us and see its purpose in our lives.

We should all be thankful for the zone of comfort because it illustrates such a strong contrast between the danger of art.

Art, dangerous?

If you see it as mere concepts, there shouldn’t be anything negative or positive between these two. However, over the years we’ve found that some things set our souls on fire more than others, and well – those things don’t happen within your comfort zone. Those things leave you shaking, judged, full of anxiety, uncertainty – everything that’s the opposite of comfort.

The ones that feed our souls take us to new heights, most often with the possibility of falling. Hard. And most times, it’s not always a story of victory. Most times, people fall. Hard. Some people look back with no regrets. Some people look back with defeat.

It will always be a gamble

Once you pick up the dice, your fate is thrown into the air. There will always be danger with art – with breathing life into your visions. It will be a room full of doubt both from within and out. The comfort zone will always be comfortable.

But I guess you just have to choose which matters most, the fire in your heart or the certainty of stagnancy.