The Common Goal


It’s one thing that brings us all together. As creatures of growth, we yearn to separate ourselves from whatever came before us. We always look for the next step, the different way, the alternative to our current situation.

It’s a reflex, almost, because we hurt when we don’t change.

A Vision, A Purpose

Coming in to the business scene, one must be a visionary. One must keep a vision that’s completely different from what one sees at the present. It has to be something that one must hold on to as they progress.

The thing is that there could be a group of people who are after the same change you’re after or who have the same vision of a future that you do. The only problem is that they’re disconnected from each other. They may have a bond, but not a strong one at that. The sense of connection almost always isn’t absent, it’s just—weak.

A Community, A Reality

Strengthening a sense of community is about two things.

First, find the like-minded people you want to be around with. They are the people who have a say to what you’re concerned with. Take their input and value their opinions.

Second, it’s about tying together what is already there. What are the stories that can be tied together, the hurdles you’re ready to overcome? Who are the members of your community who do not yet know that they are members of your community? Those who fit right in, but haven’t discovered it for themselves?

Find those with the common goal—one that’s so distinct and you can will your plans to fruition.