The Art of Selling Without Selling

We all hate a sales guy who’s just too, well, sales-y. You know who we mean: the guy with the wide overly-enthusiastic smile and the clean clothes who won’t ever stop until he finds a way to connect with you—then he’ll push his products until you finally give in. That’s why whenever we approach booths or aggressive sales agents; we try to stay as far away from them as possible. We hate being sold to.


It’s simple, really. For one, we think we don’t need another product to stay on our shelf for the longest time. Secondly, we hate making another decision out of the many other decisions we have had to make just because we got pressured into it. And finally, we don’t need to be annoyed. It’s as simple as that!

Belief in Your Product

We strategize around this premise. We know our customers are being bombarded by advertisements as well as any and all minions of the consumerist culture. But we can’t just give up, right? Our belief in our product (or service) is the reason we produce it in the first place. We found a need that is not yet being met and the biggest thing is that we don’t want our customers to miss out on it. We so deeply believe that there is something we can offer that can help them lead better lives in one way or another.

Value for Their Money

So what do you do?

Give value. Value is the drive behind making your product. It is what will close a sale. It’s all about delivering your customers well above and beyond the call of duty. Give them something they didn’t think they needed without even mentioning what you’re trying to sell. Shower them with value until they want to reciprocate. Be genuine about wanting to make their lives better and do the necessary steps to achieve them.

How to sell without selling? Offer them so much value that they won’t have any other option but buying your product.