Social Media: The Digital Sandbox

Children’s imaginations are just like wild horses.

They run free, fast, and with such conviction that you would have to have something short of a death wish if you get in the way. In children’s heads, a playground in a park is the world. The ladders are buildings, the swing is a ticket to adventure, and the sandbox can become a forest one moment then the beach in the next.

It’s a mold of clay wherein all of their wildest fantasies can come to life.

Where Anything at All is Possible

Yes, you sure guessed it—here comes the social media metaphor!

Social media is that sandbox. You have sand, you have a creator, and the rest is magic. It all depends on the vision that you have. Social media creates ever-expanding possibilities where anything and everything is a tickbox away.

Magical Sparks of Creativity Flourish

Brands leverage it for marketing, the line between above the line and below the line advertising is blurring because of digital media. No marketing campaign is in full force if it does not incorporate any form of digital magic. That’s just the way it is now.

Even television shows leverage the power of social media by engaging television viewers to cast in a vote, for example, for their favorite contestant. It’s magic in its own right, only if you’re creative enough.

The world is your playground, and you need to pick a spot to make your visions come to life.