Social Media Meets Virtual Reality

We have been flirting with the idea of a future in a virtual world. How do you think social media would fair in virtual reality?

Way beyond the Pokémon phenomenon, picture the possibilities of integrating virtual reality and social networking. Real life augmented by VR for the purpose of a more dynamic virtual existence. The mere thought is enough to make you stop and think for a second and ask:

How deep have we gone into this?

Virtual Becomes Reality

Imagine, Instagram may integrate geotagging instantly through the use of peripherals like Google Glass, and take pictures of it instantly. Merging all existing technologies at our disposal, our virtual existence becomes primary and real life—well, it is the special conduit to make all of this happen.

Facebook may allow users to have open profiles in the public where users may simply scan people who are “logged in” or online in Facebook’s virtual world by using a scan app on their phones. Forget swiping left or right on Tinder, or that other app that predicts who you might’ve run into that day, just scan that person using your phone.

Reality Becomes Virtual

In the age where desktop presence is becoming more and more unappealing, where will non-VR social platforms stand? Catching up is a game for the losers. It’s the visionaries who win this game. It’s all about expanding your reach to heights unimaginable, and planting a flag at its dead center.

Yet again, maybe we’re thinking way ahead of ourselves, but admit it—it’s never far from happening.