Although you can spend hours and hours optimizing your sites and blogs, sometimes it just ain’t enough.

Humanizing your brand goes well beyond what you say on your social media accounts and what you post to your blog. That is why looking for the right influencers might be the strategy that you need.

In my case, as a beauty junkie, YouTube is the place where I thrive. It’s where people from all over the globe can talk about the best and the worst of products. I can’t lie, what YouTubers say about products has a huge effect on what I spend on.

Why are you gonna risk your money (and face!) on a product you’re not sure will work or will make your skin worse? Turning to these influencers saves time, money, effort, and heartache. And I’m sure, that most people are similar.

Ads are slightly passe now. Blinking banner ads are a huge risk because people know so much better than to click on something obnoxious. If anything, you stay away from them fearing that you will incur some sort of computer virus. The internet is becoming more and more of a community than a broadcast channel. It’s not a place where you only consume content.

Why are social media influencers a much better investment than just spending on ads? They’re human as human can be. They showcase your product on a normal, day-to-day context rather than a shiny, unreachable concept that looks good thanks to a highly paid graphics team. They’re making products more approachable and accessible.

Interests attract together tribes. These tribes can be fully leveraged, and through who? Through a leader, and that’s who these social media influencers are.

It boils down to the message of your brand, the influencer’s values and aesthetics, and most importantly, engagement.

Social media influencers vary – they don’t always have the prettiest feed or hyperactive footage, but they are deeply engaged with their tribe.