Effective communication is defined by one all-important factor—engagement.

Ever been in a conference with a thorough speech but with no listening audience? You can have the most genuine of interests and the most fascinating message but without engagement, you might as well start talking to your own hand.

What does it take to get people engaged with your passions?


The most attractive people are those with a burning excitement for what they’re passionate about. They make us see bright possibilities that we often fail to consider. Their visions is enough to ignite a fire within us. Most importantly, their enthusiasm transcends any physical and traditional medium. Thus, these influencers thrive even in a digital space.

Becoming it: Defining Yourself

Is being an influencer meant for a select few? Of course not! Anyone can be an influencer, but one has to put in the work. You may not know it but you have a potential stirring inside you just waiting to be woken up.

If you think about it, someone must have found something interesting about you or something that they have found you to be an expert in. Start there. The things that interest you the most urge you to dig deeper into it and, ultimately, learn more. Sometimes, you may even do it unknowingly. It might be your side hobbies or even the career path you’re currently taking. Whatever it is, if one person has noticed it, others eventually will.

Your true interests and background will gravitate you towards like-minded people. Once you’re clear as to what it is, you can leverage it and involve yourself with dense communities within your reach (online or otherwise).

Owning It: Driving Interest

Once you’re set on what your interests are, it is time to build up the excitement! Energy is contagious so make sure you give it off in razzmatazz light show fashion. By now, you must be wondering how you can drive interest.

The steps to driving interest is nothing groundbreaking, it’s simply a template to streamline your efforts in order to gain optimum results.

Introduce Yourself

The first step to driving interest? Just say hi—connect and build a rapport. Often, it starts with a follow back or a simple message. It will make the recipient happy, even at a small level, and establish a connection.

Establish Rapport

The next step is to ask questions. To build a deeper rapport, questions must be asked. It shows a genuine level of interest and concern. Also, it allows you to gain the needed information for better results.

Share Yourself

Third, share your mantra. If companies have taglines, influencers have their mantra. These are messages they live by, encapsulating their purpose. It is a good grounding technique to remind you of your true message when things get a little overwhelming.

Observe & Act

Fourth, observe the responses and act accordingly. Be like water, fill the shape of the container you are in. A good propeller of success is the ability to adapt to changes. Getting a feel of your audience is the most effective way to build your community.

Inspire & Excite

Lastly, inspire them to take the next step. How do you measure one’s influence? By determining how much they urge people into action. So once you’ve piqued their interest, cultivate it further and inspire them to take action.

Excitement is the best emotion when you want to drive engagement. So leverage on those good vibes and your community will grow right before your very eyes!