Social Awareness

Do you see yourself in the same way that others see you?

As Inside & So Too Outside

That’s the ratio for happiness and satisfaction, isn’t it?

They say that if the ratio between how you see yourself and how others see you is closer, the more likely it is that you’re a satisfied person. This is mainly because you get to show what you feel inside relative to the outside.

As for the work you put out into the world, is it actually the same as your intentions? We come into doing what we do with a clear intention in mind. So we have to ask ourselves this question: Are our actions aligned to our intentions?

It’s a seemingly simple question to ask, but it really leaves room for all other questions to follow suit. How do you portray yourself? How do other people see you?

Step back & Take a Look

It’s a question worth asking, really. You never know if your intentions and actions match up. You might come into your business wanting it to be holistic, inclusive, and looking out for the benefit of everybody, but as things progress, costs eat you up and you end up taking the shortcut—which has the potential to defeat all that you stand for.

What do we suggest? Take some time and evaluate what your intentions are. Take something tangible like your portfolio or your social media accounts, feedback from your friends, or messages from your customers, and check if you really are aligned with your plans.

What you find out and what you do with it is completely up to you afterwards.