Let us tell you what we do best.

We are best at engaging and building your community. We do so because we want you and your business to find your true tribe. We are adamant about helping you find your own voice and getting your message across.

Awareness: Injecting a Dose of Humanity in an Otherwise Digital Realm

We believe that the internet should make us more human, not less. That’s our creed. We believe in using tools to create human interactions, not just bots to create numbers. Numbers are good but they should not be the end goal. They aren’t good enough—trust and loyalty is. Our mission is to convert strangers into customer, and customers into loyal supporters.

How do we accomplish that? We have mentioned the four-step approach to our social media Kung Fu, and now, we’ll be talking about the first step: awareness.

Social awareness is where it all starts. As a business, you need to get one foot in the door to make magic happen. If building a good social media presence is like keeping a relationship, then awareness is like the first date.

The first date is often a make-or-break scenario. You’re iffy about sharing too little or sharing too much. What would be a good ice-breaker? What’s the best way to set the tone? How do you establish your value without sounding like a creep?

Definition: Knowing You, Knowing Us

We take you through the tedious and painstaking task of having to define who you are, what difference you can make, and ultimately, how you can communicate it all. It all starts with a good foundation and that’s exactly what we can build for you.

We want to know who you are, not just in vague terms. How do you categorize yourself? We want to find your niche and get warm & comfortable—fast.

We want to make sure you know exactly what your business stands for. While passion is indeed utterly rewarding, it can get a bit reckless. Passion cannot be effective without a sound strategy—much like goals can’t be any good without deadlines. Again, we want you to find your niche. One that resonates with what you care about and which values you align with.

Growth: Flowing Water Never Goes Stale

We also want to know what you might have done in the past that didn’t seem to work—strategy-wise. We want to know what steps you’ve taken and how we can help you from there.

In actuality, we can sum up your awareness strategy in a word, and that word is purpose. The narrative that you put out about your purpose attracts your sincere tribe. Once your mission and goals are clear, the rest will follow suit and grow organically.

Social awareness is about letting people know what your purpose is—just as much as you want a transparent and clear-cut purpose of a first date. When it’s done right, everything flows smoothly. You know what they say about chasing two rabbits, you end up getting none—just as much as when you chase too many goals or live too many types of purpose.

We want to help you get clear and find the best strategy for maximum impact.

Talk to us. We’re listening.