Sentiment and Vulnerability

Everyone has a vulnerable spot.

No matter how hard we try to keep up a façade and put on an armor of invincibility, we have it. I have it. You have it.

You’re most vulnerable when you get your message out there. That doesn’t only apply when putting up a business either. Even the mere act of expressing what you stand for can leave you in a vulnerable state. You simply don’t know if people will love or hate you no matter how much you hope for the former and steer clear of the latter.

The Power of Opinion

The cliché says that you’re not supposed to care about what other people think. But if you’re in an industry where traction is the name of the game, where does that leave you?

What most people forget is that there is a more potent opinion other than one’s own. In social media, we concern ourselves with the message we put out there. We care about whether or not what we put out is “on brand”. We ask ourselves questions. What’s the new app? What’s the new gimmick? Is it too late to start making our own memes?

Social Media Without Social

As with life, we can get a little too constricted with our own concerns that we forget that the bigger picture is, drum roll please, connection. I can’t blame you. It’s a human tendency. Think about me, for instance. What am I saying? Is there a way to say it better?

We’ve said it over and over again: social media is social. What other people are saying about you counts. Actually, we say it dictates your growth. Just look back at how many brands you’ve abstained from because of a friend’s bad experience or the brands you’ve been excited to try just for the opposite reason.

Think about where your vulnerability can help you. Think about how you can turn that chink in your armor into an impenetrable piece. Think about what it can result from.

But mostly, think about the reaction—the sentiment—because that, my friend, is the bigger picture.