Each person is unique

Have you ever heard a saying that goes along the lines of “Each person is unique”?

It turns out that is true. We all live our subjective realities. No workout is for everyone, no diet is either. We ache at different levels and we rejoice at difference, too. In other words, everyone’s emotional touchstone is different.

An offbeat proposal

Here’s a case in point. Cindy, our project manager, has a unique engagement story. While most women would like a big clear rock (a.k.a., a diamond) from their significant other, her fiancee had a different plan. Instead of having the ring ready-made when the big day rolled along, what she had was only the rock. And it wasn’t a diamond as one would expect—it was a ruby.

At first, the fact the proposal occurred with just a gem was completely unexpected. But when she thought about it some more, she realized the significance. As it happened receiving just the gem gave her the opportunity to see through the gem right before it was set. It also gave her the opportunity to design the ring with her soon-to-be husband.

That’s why receiving just the gem during the proposal made it extra special.

The value of experience

Experiences like this make us truly feel unique because at the depth of our hearts lies a desire for something different.

Sometimes it feels off to follow what our gut tells us to because anything offbeat feels… weird. But unique experiences have their rewards.

We say embrace and savor that uniqueness. It’s what makes us who we are. It’s the compound of the little offbeat things that make up our identity—and if we don’t have that, then what do we have?

So savor them. Savor them and keep them close. It’s these unique moments, the ones that set life apart that we’re most thankful for. It inspires us to create and it inspires us to seek more inspiration.