Reigniting Your Passions

Just as in marriage, love isn’t enough.

Each one of us is called by our passions. Somehow, from our childhood or basing on the things that fire us up, we have an idea of what we’re called to do. Our purpose is an ever-elusive enchantress that lures us into becoming the best version of ourselves.

However, the road isn’t always easy.

Time & Passion

A very striking line from the famous poem, Don’t Quit goes, “Rest if you must but don’t you quit.” Living your passion is always the most trying of times. Hell and high water knock at your gates and you will always invite them in because they bring the joy just as much as they bring the pain. It’s bittersweet, really. So it comes as no surprise when, maybe along the way, the fighter lounges by the ringside to catch his breath. No one’s built to fight at every minute of this life

The scary thing is that when people take a rest, this resting phase can get pretty comfortable. It’s a less stressful environment compared to the constant hustle and people can get sidetracked as to what their main goals are.

Little by little, the fire dies.

Rhyme and Reason

Luckily, the universe always has a way of giving you a nudge. Maybe it’s that co-worker getting a promotion, a high school classmate reaching another milestone, or that unsettling feeling of being stagnant—you are reminded once again to follow the calling. So how do you get it back? It’s simple, yet very much complicated at the same time. Clear away the distractions.

Always remember the big WHY.

Why do you do what you do in the first place? Who is it for? Why is it worth the hustle? Our reason always overpowers our excuses and that’s when we get back up again. You can attempt to reignite your passions once again by getting into a new hobby, or learning something new about your field, but it’s ultimately getting reminded about why you do what you do that gets you back up.

The fighter once again approaches the center of the ring and taps on his opponent’s knuckle to begin another round.

Ready, set, fight!