We deeply believe that creatives thrive on solitude. The greatest artists this Earth has known prescribes solitude like a drug. They’re absolutely right, though. Our brains are always on overdrive so a time to quiet down to either appease the genius at work or to refresh the good ol’ idea factory is the key to maintaining sanity. It’s essential to life—not negotiable.

Creatives have a penchant for finding both peace and ecstasy at the oddest of locations, thus inspiring works of the heart. But we would always crave for a controlled, calm, environment where we can retreat and immerse in restfulness.

A studio, or a library is an ideal spot to re-energize and spend some much-needed me time. We’ve rounded up a few inspirations for reading spaces which would undoubtedly be lovely and your inner creator would be begging for.

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The refuge of your bed and the comfort of a book. Add in a mug of green tea and it’s definitely a (solo) party. Invite your senses to restful alertness with a good book and good sheets. This – any day, yes.

A frame, floor to ceiling library - Bishop Allen Home Tour on Design*Sponge:

Entertain your guests with a few stories which aren’t from your decade. Captivate them with tales even your grandmother didn’t know. It’s always a treat. If you shun guests, stretching out while taking a quick break from work is always an option. Don’t you just wish life is just as easy as working and reading a book when you don’t feel like it?

The Attic Nook | 44 Cozy Nooks You'll Want To Crawl Into Immediately:

If you’re not feeling the whole comfortable set-up because it is very prone to naps and siestas, you can choose to lounge on the floor and be alone with your thoughts and maybe a pad of paper. Scribble, journal, doodle, this corner is a perfect nook for your creative spirit.

What a lovely way to use an attic space! While tablets and pads are overtaking paper, I still love a good library!:

Design your personal space to be up the attic where a disturbance is highly unlikely. The quiet protects your imagination to fully visualize the fictional world you know to live in – and will continue to live in for the next couple of days. The people around you will understand that there is a high chance you will get very weird for the next couple of days so why not make the most out of it in seclusion?

Design Dozen: The World's Coolest Built-In Bookshelves:

Let your friends know you’re moving in with … your books – thousands of significant others. Live in many worlds, love many characters, live many lives. Experience all these things to make your own life richer.

We would trade in a lot to be in one of these spaces.

Living the creative life is truly fulfilling. It’s opening yourself up to the universe, allowing to truly flow in and out of inspiration. It’s such a high, but can also be very exhausting.

The opportunity to recharge is priceless and treasured. Even more so when the environment you’re in is aesthetically intriguing and stimulating. Ah, let the muses and the good vibes in.

If heaven was a place on Earth, it would definitely be one of these.