What are the heights and depths of social media?

Of course, it’s an incredibly powerful business tool. A long list of metrics have been theorized to be key measurements of social media success, but we’re here to tell you that it boils down to three things—it all goes back to its essence.

The key performance indicators of social media success lies on: Reach, Engagement, and Sentiment. 

Reach is the quantitative metric. It is the number of individuals, and the number of times your social media presence is felt. Reach refers to your page views, page likes, average likes per posts, which areas you have most influence in, your number of mentions, the frequency of your brand being tagged, etc. It is the basis of improvement and future strategy. The wider your reach, the louder your voice becomes. We’re talking numbers when we’re talking reach. While content is still king, you can only affect so much when you talk to so little audience.

Engagement refers to how many people respond to you on social media. Ah, this is what makes everything social. It is the measure to which the effect of your reach is tested. After all, what is appearance if no one becomes compelled to reach back to you? Does your audience respond even in the slightest bit? Did they catch you while you were rolling through thousands of other feeds? Do they know you exist? Do they feel like they could talk to you—and do they talk to you? This is where the role of your content is seen in motion. Once you have a wide reach of audience, make sure you have engaging content—one that provokes a dialogue within an individual, and between the individual and your brand.

Sentiment is perhaps the most arbitrary and crucial of indicators. Sentiment refers to how your audience is feeling. For content to be truly resonant, sentiment must be determined. In propagating content, we want your audience to feel something—preferably something positive. Every platform is becoming noisier by the day and what we stick to are the ones that make us feel either happy, contented, or furious (although let’s hope the last one does not apply.) Get clear on your sentiment goals for your audience and take appropriate measures to reach that.

A lot of trends may surface and more tools may claim to be the best, but whether it is today or 50 years from now, talking to your community can be measured by these three indicators; reach, engagement, and sentiment.