What does your ideal world look like?

For the dreamers and the shakers, their ideal world is about change. If you think about it, there are a lot of things that could level up in our society.

There are too many things demanding our attention. Sometimes attempting any change can feel futile. Why fight so exhaustively against the current when things don’t budge an inch where you see it?

Is anything worth any change?

If you look within, or to the wisest masters of humanity, they remind you of one thing: concentrate on the change you can control. Your circle of influence, as Stephen Covey puts it.

It all goes back to the bucket concept—every small drop later leads to a huge change once put together. In finance, it’s the concept of compounding. In every corner, it all leads to that personal will, that one step that leads to a momentum of any motion.

Change starts from within. Life can’t spring from an egg cracked from the outside.

Life emanates from the inside

In the same way, any global change starts from personal influence. What you decide to put out will be multiplied a hundredfold without you recognising it. The ripple effect. Personal influence, a personal message, ripples to a global reach—whether you allow it or not.

So what kind of message do you put out? Is it of frustration that nothing good can ever spring from a damaged world? Or is it of hope, that in every being lies an innate drive to become their best?