Social media camp was a blast, to say the least. It’s been a couple of learning new techniques, insights, and strategies – that and a lot of energy, too.

Social media as an industry can be quite trivial. There’s a lot of elements to consider and most importantly, it’s not as easy as it looks. That is why we’re glad for opportunities like this. Not only do you come for the apparent bag of knowledge you’re taking with you, but a chance to connect with fellow social media mavens. It was a party, and here’s a little peek.


A beautiful skyline on our way to the venue. Was it a tell-tale of the energy that we were getting ourselves into?


The goodies that we got after showing up for not too long. Hey, there’s a handmade business card holder from Boldkick!


Convenient and smart! A charging station. How fitting for everyone in the social media scene.


David Knapp Fisher was in the house and he brought it down. The lineup at social media camp was well thought-out. Everyone in the audience was in for a treat.

Social Media Talk Show

Social Media Camp Talk Show, because much like social media – it’s not only about broadcasting but engaging in a conversation.


More giveaways! Look at these Twitter cookies. Too thoughtful to be untweeted.


Feeling a throwback. Here’s Chris, one of Boldkick’s founders typing a tweet… on a typewriter!


A few things to remember!


The energy was unreal at Social Media Camp!


Some more talks. The what is boring! It’s always refreshing to be provoked by packed statements waiting to unfold.


Social Media Camp speakers—all together!

What an experience it was. Head on over to our Twitter for a quick recap of what went down. Maybe till the next time?