Milestones: From the Daily Grind to Everything in Between

Milestone setting is a conflicting subject for most.

Do we make long term plans or do we simply live in the moment? Are we really able to contain daily circumstances and manipulate and align them to our personal goals?

Sure, setting up your terms for success always pays off, but as in any existing movie plot twist, life always has a way of turning our plans upside down. Is it failure? Most often not.

Sleep, Eat, Work

Maybe it’s our organic nature that’s to blame for our view of the world.

We see our existence in a linear manner, and rightfully so when decay is our destiny. We grow up wanting to be old enough, and when we are, we desperately hold on and claw our way backwards, bargaining with time to even just slow down. We set up systems to appease this desperation. You can only drink alcohol when you’re 21, the older one gets the higher their worth, x number of years can land you a promotion! We set up these rewards to have something to look forward to at an age as it reaches closer to our demise.

Pretty dark, eh?

And All the Things in Between

There really is no one way that works for everyone, but the trick to all this? Pencil-book it. Find the right balance between knowing, planning, and goal-setting for what you want, but also not etch it in stone, leaving room for the things that call to our purpose—and these are usually time sensitive and not to mention urgent.

More so than a linear progression of cause to effect, life is a series of pushes, shoves, pulls, and tugs. A lot of times, you never know what you’re going to get or where you’re going to end up. But it does help to keep track of your journey. After all, it’s in knowing exactly where we’ve been that gives us a clearer picture of where we might be headed. And that is how you keep things from being so dark.

Never lose sight of the journey on your way to the goal.