Maybe Engagement is What You Lack

Each business chases after customer loyalty.

For sure, you want to make a product that people will come back for again and again… and again—and I think you get my point. It makes you blush, doesn’t it? Just the thought that you have a loyal following at your disposal. That’s precisely why we’re perpetually obsessed with the idea of building a community.

Leverage & Engagement Shall Be Yours

We look to social media platforms to create that following. But, what if community is already something that you already have?

You may not realize it at first, but you already have an existing community around you. It may be people you grew up with, people from high school, or even people from your hobby group. The point is this: You already have an existing circle that you can leverage and engage with.

Ask & Community Shall Be Yours

We always look to the future for something we need but never really stop long enough to realize that the seeds to that tree are already around us, just waiting to be watered. We have the community we need. It’s just that few of us really realize that they can be one. No one has ever proved that that idea is true. You know what that lacks? Engagement.

What the potential of a community lacks is one curious soul to say “hi” and ask a question. So go do it!


Ask the simplest questions and start uncovering the community that can be.