Man, Know Thyself

“Man, know thyself.”

The Greeks were a bunch of wise folks and they sure told the truth. In order to uncover the greatness that awaits, one must know thyself.

First Things First: Get Clear

Even self-help books know what’s good. What’s the first thing to setting and reaching your goals? Get clear. Each inevitable roadblock on the road to their fruition becomes more manageable when we learn to get clear about what we want to achieve in the first place. In businesses especially, before investing all your hard work and time wholly to a project that can make or break you, you need to get clear about where you stand.

Get clear is also, in itself, a statement that’s quite vague. However, in it lay a thousand ways to discover your true self. Really. It’s about uncovering what is unknown as well as rediscovering what is known.

Next Things Next: Set Yourself Apart

Imagine setting up a service where you can’t differentiate yourself. As Jack Trout would put it, “Differentiate or Die” because, really—that is what will end up happening if you don’t set yourself apart from the crowd. It’s all about finding your own little niche to develop and make yours, you see.

So what are we trying to say here? Get clear, Boldkick!

Well, here’s what we’re trying to say: We’re hinting at how we believe we can make success happen. All of the clients we have established a relationship with undergo some sort of a retreat—a step-by-step process to make sure that we’ve set up a system that can launch their businesses to loftier heights.

And the first step? Get clear.