Viral social media content.

How often do you find yourself lured into hours and hours of scrolling through your Facebook news feed, Twitter timelines, or Instagram feeds, almost missing on your entire day? How many times do you tag your friends into funny videos, videos that make you awww, or even food ideas for your next picnic.

Social media becomes a place where we can share our friends the most informational and mundane things we keep store in the internet. We’d love to write up one of those viral posts, don’t we? We’d love to capture the user’s attention enough to influence them to share your message over thousands of individuals. But how do we become one of those posts?

A huge sum of the most shared content over social media are posts which induce positive emotions. Either they make people feel awe, happy, inspired, or amused. It’s the jokes, funny memes, cat videos, inspirational ads, life hacks, that go way over the top on our news feed.

How many cats have gotten over a million views simply by being a cat? Countless. If memes could monetize themselves, they’d be worth a million bucks. People in social media are looking to have a good time, and you should indulge them.

Generally, as a form of entertainment, social media mostly thrives as a vessel for people to feel good. So if you are planning to start a viral social media campaign, start by spreading happiness, because the people want to spread it, too.