We are in the business of content. We are in the business of engaging people into listening to what we have to say. We share our stories, hoping they ring true to our audience. We share our reader’s stories, hoping they ring true to others thus creating a community.

What we want most of all, is our customer’s trust. Trust is a fruitful effort. It reaps rewards. Trust is what keeps your consumers coming back to what you have to say, sharing that to the people they care about, and later patronizing what you have to offer. Trust allows your message to spread like virus and multiplies your customers.

Trust is a tricky thing. We go through hoops to gain them, and we jump through rings of fire to re-gain them in the instance that we mess up. While traffic is a viable metric to measure success in this area, this doesn’t ensure it. What we go back to is building an authentic story that our audience will rely to be true in the following weeks, months, and years to come.

How do we develop this level of trust? How do we care for such a delicate relationship? It begins with a focused message, a specific audience in mind, and a willingness to cover their needs whatever it may be. It means situating your message in ways that are convenient to them, in a regular fashion that they know, and a willingness to communicate.

Just like trust in any other relationships, building trust isn’t easy. But anything that is started well is already half done.