Let's talk about trust - again

There are rules that you can follow whenever it’s convenient and there are rules that are so absolute, you need to abide by them every waking hour. If you’re a business maneuvering through the social media scene, you must live by one rule: DO NOT SELL TOO EARLY.

Jumping the Gun

Don’t sell immediately after you’ve made your Twitter account or after you’ve posted your first photo on Facebook. No one’s gonna mind you and you’re also not gonna matter.

You see the thing is this; the entire population hooked to the internet is tired. Really, they’re exhausted. Scrolling through your Facebook feed for 5 minutes can already be so draining. With all that stimuli being shoved into your system, how can you not?

A Voice on Social Media—Among a Million Others

Cue, you—a newcomer who may have a fresh and well-thought-out logo, and branding collaterals. Imagine yourself as a newbie meat seller. You’ve got a funky apron, a brand new butcher’s knife, heck—even a voice activated weighing scale, and you’re trying to sell to a local market. These market-goers do this regularly, they know who’s who, whose supplies are better, who serves much nicer, and who’s just plain sketchy. They’ve developed comfort from knowing that they know these people well, and they know what and where to buy what they need.

A Reason to Listen to You—and to Trust in You

Who are you to them? The answer: Irrelevant. That is until you give them some reason to listen to you, give your products a try, and eventually trust you. Your first day in the market isn’t going to be as booming the one you drew up in your dreams. In the same way, your branding isn’t gonna save you if you don’t put in the work.

So go do it, work on that trust.