Twitter launched Periscope. YouTube now has a livestream feature. Snapchat is still booming. Facebook live was conceived. And Instagram? It got updated with Instagram Stories.

Everyone seems to be jumping on the live video bandwagon and we ought to listen up!

Get Live

Video is no longer confined to YouTube, folks! Nowadays, it’s all over other platforms. We’re becoming more visual than ever and live video is as live video is as real as it gets.

This is the time to leave the edits behind. Live video is about pressing record and tapping publish. No censorship. No cutting. No trimming. It’s an audio-visual extravaganza in its purest form—totally raw. It’s interesting to see how this new sensation came about, but maybe it’s just the simple fact that people always want more.

Get Connected

With live video, there’s a new level of connection that goes beyond video calls. Video updates are no longer in Facetime or Skype to your grandparents and relatives. We’re all presented with an option for real time updates via video to publish to our entire social network.

So why is everyone jumping on the live video wagon? Maybe because it’s the next step for social media space—it’s the logical step. It’s the future and it’s demanding our attention. Engagement now means a face to face encounter. Not just a 140 character limit or a thought-provoking gram. It now means a social media live stream, snaps, video updates—filter or no filter.

It will be interesting to see how live video will play out. Whether it’s a passing fad or not, only time will tell. I guess we’ll see where this goes, but there’s definitely a lot of potential with live video.